Japanese “Denim Man” Street Style w/ Handmade Jeans Outfit & Denim Mask in Harajuku

21-year-old Japanese Bunka Fashion College student and aspiring designer Haruki wearing a handmade “whole body denim man” look on the street in Harajuku Tokyo.

Haruki is known for making his own clothes and for his love of denim, both of which are on display here. This look includes a handmade miniature denim jacket full head mask (he can see out, look for his eyes in the closeup), with matching tiny denim pants worn as a necklace, a remake jacket with entire jeans for each arm, a vintage top customized with numerous belts (maintaining the jeans theme), a crossbody bag in the shape of jeans shorts (see closeup), wide leg remake denim pants that use a full pair of pants for each leg (matching the sleeves of his jacket), and vintage boots.

Haruki also told us that his favorite band is Nirvana. He has an account for his own brand on Instagram.

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