Japanese Designer In Hisui w/ Corto Moltedo Bag

This 20-year-old Japanese girl is named Eri and she’s an accessories designer for the brand Reinett et Mirabelle. We photographed Eri in Harajuku. She said that her long colorful double breasted jacket and her skinny jeans (worn with knit leg warmers) are both from the Japanese brand Hisui. She’s also wearing platform heels (looks like she wrote “Chloe” for the brand of the shoes, but not 100% sure) and carrying a cool handbag by Corto Moltedo. Her accessories are from Reinett et Mirabelle – the brand that she designs for. Eri’s favorite fashion brands include Hisui and Sakura.

Hisui Street Style in Tokyo

Corto Moltedo Handbag

Colorful Hisui Jacket in Tokyo

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  1. tokyo

    Thanks for the link, Cleyra. Eri’s wardrobe is AMAZING. I would love to see her closet – it must be bigger than most Japanese apartments! :-)

  2. I can’t even critique this outfit. Not that it’s bad…it’s her damn eyes. I can’t stop staring :| gorgeous.