Indie Japanese Designer w/ Long Leopard Skirt & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku

Ririan is the designer of her own independent Japanese fashion brand Himitsu Kessya. In addition, she works at one of Harajuku’s most popular resale shops, Kinji. You might remember back when she had pink hair.

In addition to her blonde hairstyle, Ririan is wearing a striped top with a long leopard print skirt and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Her mesh bag features a bull graphic and her glasses add to the look as well.

For more info on Ririan and her brand, check out her personal Twitter.

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  1. awesome outfit and hair/hairstyle
    I just wish they had her stand up to show it better

  2. her skin is flawless and her hair reminds me of juno temple luv it!

  3. Wow, her hairstyle is very pretty, especially the braid in her hair looks absolutely gorgeous . I really adore braided hairstyles ♥