Japanese Designer w/ Pink Hair, Dark Harajuku Street Fashion & Handmade Accessories

Meet Barokue, whose striking pink hair and edgy all-black ensemble caught our attention on the streets of Harajuku.

The Japanese designer donned a black hooded jacket and black printed cropped pants, which are both from M:E. He styled them with a handmade black shirt with a multicolored graphic print on the front. Barokue also wore black socks with a pair of Dr. Martens black lace-up shoes. Aviator sunglasses sat atop his head, while a purple scarf was tied around his forehead. Barokue wore an assortment of accessories, including a monster necklace from Kagemaru Designs and Goregro eyeball necklace and bracelet. He also showed off his own designs including a handmade heart necklace, a brain ring, and a brain bracelet. Pink eye makeup, black lipstick, and multiple ear and lip piercings finished off Barokue’s look.

Barokue considers M:E as a fashion favorite. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more on his unique style and handmade designs.

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