Japanese DJ in Mad Hatter Inspired Harajuku Street Style w/ Malko Malka & Dr. Martens

We caught Ohshi Uemoto out on the Harajuku street one fine evening. Eye-catching as always, the popular composer, pianist, DJ and Tokyo Decadence staff showcased his blue and white Mad Hatter inspired style statement with flair.

Ohshi’s outfit consists of a white blazer with navy blue lining, a clock pocket design, and mismatched lapel buttons. He wore the blazer over a button down shirt with mixed stripes and a heart-shaped bodice outline, and donned gingham print overalls. His ensemble, together with his boater hat and metallic Alice in Wonderland tote bag are all from Malko Malka, a popular boutique located in the basement of Harajuku’s La Foret. To finish off his look, Ohshi slipped on a pair of Dr. Martens boots in dusky blue patent leather.

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