Japanese Eclectic Street Style w/ Floral Print Shirt, Shin Mesh Blazer Top & Ruffle Sling, Colorblock Pants & Maison Margiela Snakeskin Boots

Here’s Yuto, a 16-year-old student whose interesting streetwear style easily caught our attention on the Harajuku street.

Yuto stepped out dressed in a resale floral print long sleeve shirt, which he layered with a black mesh sleeveless top with a front blazer attachment from Shin. He tucked his layered tops into resale light aqua pleated trousers with colorblock teal satin pant legs, and slipped into gold snakeskin boots from Maison Margiela. He accessorized his stylish look with a red belt, and is carrying a red ruffle sling bag from Shin.

For his social media updates and streetwear dressing styles, follow Yuto on Instagram.

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