Japanese Entertainers in Colorful Streetwear w/ Vintage, Waku Waku Date, Love & Pink, Hangyodon & Sakata Aimi

While on the street in Tokyo, we came across Meteo, 22-year-old Mishamuso, and Kimuasu, a trio of fun Koenji-based Japanese performers who caught our eye with their colorful street outfits. The two boys are members of the Japanese music/comedy group IAMI

At the left, Meteo is wearing a red Sports Festival Tokyo 2013 jacket over a Waku Waku Date t-shirt, pink drawstring pants from Love & Pink, and red hand-me-down rubber slip ons. Meteo’s favorite brand is Mont-bell and his favorite music artists/bands are Gagaga SP, Happy People and Gyaaagyaaaz. He is active on Twitter and Instagram, follow him!

Mishamuso – at the middle – is sporting vintage clothing such as a pink quilted jacket over a white ruffle long sleeve shirt, a teal satin skirt, white stockings, and yellow embroidered baby doll flats which she bought in Taiwan. Her only accessory are pink bows for her twin braids. Sanrio is Mishamuso’s favorite brand and she likes listening to Showa pop songs. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

And at the right, Kimuasu’s ensemble features a green vintage jacket over a grey Hangyodon t-shirt, red Asics jogging pants, red printed socks, and red sneakers from New Balance. Accessories include eyeglasses and a Sakata Aimi badge. His favorite brands are Adidas and Hanshin Tigers Shop and he listens to the music of Happy People and Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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