Japanese Fashion College Students w/ Peach Twin Buns, Pink Fringed Bob, Bottle Cap Belt, Floral Print Dress, Jouetie, Culotte Pants, Peco Club, Tokyo Bopper, Skechers & Clover Heart Bag

While walking along the neighborhood of Harajuku, we came across Hiyou and Moe, two 18-year-old fashion college students sporting colorful hair and striking ensembles.

At the left is Hiyou with peach-colored twin buns. Her outfit consists of a yellow tie-dyed t-shirt styled with a black shirred babydoll dress featuring a colorful floral motif. Black socks, Skechers chunky sneakers and a canvas tote bag with embroidery completed her outfit. A white face mask and a silver heart pendant necklace are the finishing touches to her casual style. Hiyou lists Candy Stripper, Little Sunny Bite and Merry Jenny as her favorite fashion labels and she is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Moe – sporting a pink fringed bob – is dressed in a Jouetie striped knit top with contrasting red trims and slightly puffed sleeves. She paired her top with black culotte pants, donned red ankle socks and stepped into black Tokyo Bopper with cutout florets. Moe’s accessories – mostly from Peco Club – include pink hoop earrings and a yellow silicone belt with cute bottle cap accents. In addition, Moe is carrying a metallic clover heart sling bag with silver chain straps from Peco Club. Moe mentioned that her favorite fashion brands are Comme des Garcons, Mikio Sakabe and Gucci and that she enjoys listening to the music of Sekai No Owari, Sakanaction and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Moe is also active on Instagram, check her out!

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