Japanese Fashion Student in Vintage Mixed Prints Street Style w/ Bubbles Tokyo & Vivienne Westwood

Yoshino is a 19-year-old Japanese fashion student who we met at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo.

Her look features a vintage oversized floral coat from Florida (probably the boutique name, not the state) over vintage layered tops (camisole and colorful button up shirt), a belted midi skirt from Bubbles Tokyo, colorful socks, and holographic platform sandals from Bubbles Tokyo. Accessories – some of which she got at Bunka Fashion College – include a headband, round glasses, a twisty straw earring, a test tube earring, and a heart shaped Vivienne Westwood handbag.

Yoshino’s favorite fashion brand is the British legend Vivienne Westwood and she likes the music of My Hair Is Bad. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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