Japanese Fashionista in Sleeveless Print Hoodie

Meet Iccho! He’s a Japanese fashion blogger and street fashion photographer. We see him out on the street in Harajuku pretty regularly and he’s always looking stylish. On this day, he was kind enough to pose for some photographs for us.

Iccho’s colorful outfit features an eye-catching all-over print sleeveless hoodie from Dog Harajuku, sleeves with what looks like a vintage-inspired print, red Dickies shorts, yellow Comme des Garcons shoes, and a large red backpack. He also told us that his favorite fashion brand is Undercover, and that he enjoys listening to piano jazz music.

Be sure to check out Iccho’s fashion blog – he takes a lot of interesting street fashion photos, even if you can’t read Japanese!

Harajuku Street Fashion

Mickey Mouse Hoodie from Dog

Iccho, Japanese Fashion Blogger

Awesome Print Hoodie in Harajuku

Yellow Comme des Garcons Shoes

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  1. Awesome outfit… though still not sure about the socks… mebbe if they were pushed down a little instead of pulled up? but therwise it looks cool! *goes off to check blog*

  2. I love this popart on his …sweatshirt or whatever it is ( xD ) and I looove this shoes <33!