Japanese Girl in Cute Salopette With Theatre Products Bag

Here’s a Japanese girl with a cute short bob hairstyle that we met near LaForet Harajuku. Her look is simple, but it comes together very nicely. Her outfit consists of a Salopette (in Japanese, this word is used to refer to overalls, jumpers, rompers, and similar pieces) with a big bow over a lace-trimmed blouse, and vintage-inspired leather shoes.

Her bag features the text, “I cultivate, therefore I am. – Koizumi Nouen” A quick search shows that this bag is a limited edition collaboration between the hipster Japanese fashion brand Theatre Products and the Koizumi Farm, a real farm that sells fruits and vegetables at farmer’s markets around Tokyo.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. The shirt and the overalls go together very well! She looks very cutely innocent&neo-vintage♥

  2. omigod, she is so adorable !<3 her blouse, her overalls, and her bag…love all of them.

  3. If you have photo of her back, it would be great, I could see more detail of her salopette. Thanks.

  4. This outfit really suits her. Simple styling, creative – love the spots and subtle texture contrasts. And great hair. I must do street photography in Tokyo too!