Japanese Girl’s Double Bun Hairstyle, Knit Sweater, Gingham Skirt & Platform Converse

This is Marina, a 19-year-old Bunka Fashion School student who we met in Shinjuku. Her colorful fabric necklace and bag decorations initially caught our eye. We also really like her double-bun and bangs hairstyle.

Marina is wearing a lace blouse from Ciaopanic under a knit sweater from the Tokyo resale shop Chicago, a green lace-and-gingham skirt from Tarock with Ricco, white stockings, and Nadia Harajuku platform hightop Converse sneakers. Accessories include a colorful necklace made of pleated fabric circles, a cat ring from Bunkaya Zakkaten, a couple of very cute buttons, and a cloth Muji bag decorated with more of those pleated cloth circles and a small stuffed bear.

Marina told us that her favorites shops/brands include The Virgin Mary and Hakui and her favorite bands include the J-Rock groups The Mirraz and 9mm Parabellum Bullet.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. ughhhhh this makes me want white stockings more than ever!!!!!

    but i’d look retarded because its summer in australia atm :<

  2. Catherine

    The pleated cloth circles are called yo-yo’s here in the US.
    Love all the gingham and the cabled sweater and especially the double buns; so cute!