Japanese Girl in Cut Off Shorts & Leather Jacket

This 20-year-old Japanese girl was photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a black leather jacket with animal print lining over a black top, belted cut off denim shorts, black stockings, and black leather boots. She’s also carrying a black purse and a shopping bag from Collect Point Harajuku. She told us that her entire outfit came from vintage/resale shops.

Japanese Girl in Cut Off Jeans Shorts

Leather Jacket With Leopard Print Lining

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  1. This is a good outfit and hair style choice. Very down to earth like.

  2. jesika lin

    this is totally the look im going to be rocking this spring/summer! shorts with tights underneath and boots, i really like it. its hip and casual and a little punk rock.

  3. I most def have to tweet this…DC needs to see this, so our fashion!!