Japanese Girl in Glasses, Torn Stockings & H>Fractal

Meet Aya, an 18-year-old Japanese high school student. When we ran into Aya in Harajuku, she was wearing a studded leather jacket (which she bought resale) over a hooded top featuring braid/lace like that found on a Napoleonic-era military uniform, a front-zip skirt from the Japanese brand H>Fractal, torn stockings, and black & white oxford shoes by Randa. Her accessories include a bag & bow from Harajuku’s MILK, a scarf tied into a bow around her head, and glasses.

Aya told us that her favorite shops are both in Harajuku – the resale shop Panama Boy and the Nadia boutique.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. RukaMwuka

    I love this, she looks sooo cute and a bit badass too ’cause of the jacket :)

  2. Vanlal Muanpuii

    like da jacket! totally cute n lovely! ^_^

  3. Awesome outfit! However, the length of the dress or skirt is a tad too long for my liking. Loved how she used the scarf as a bow. Cute idea.

  4. I remember her. You previously photographed her~! I really like her style. Very nice. ☆

  5. Fani Stein

    I love her outfit, she looks like a doll!!
    I luv it!