Japanese Girl in Lace Headpiece, Vivienne Westwood & Baby The Stars Shine Bright in Harajuku

This 21-year-old Japanese girl – who we photographed in Harajuku – said that she works as a nurse. Her outfit consists of a black vintage-looking lace headpiece, a Vivienne Westwood jacket over a shirt from Hollywood Ranch Market, a Baby The Stars Shine Bright skirt, black stockings, and shiny black Daddy Long Legs (Ashinaga-Ojisan) brand heels. Her accessories include a Vivienne Westwood handbag, a necklace of pearls, a Vivienne Westwood ring, and a large teddy bear named Duffy. Not surprisingly, she told us that her favorite fashion brand is Vivienne Westwood.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Skirt

Japanese Girl in Vivienne Westwood Jacket

Lace Headpiece in Harajuku

Cute Teddy Bear & Vivienne Westwood Bag

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  1. Kawaii desu!!!!

    I like her skirt…very colourful.

  2. She’s incredibly adorable. Many hints of classic lolita cuteness with a lady-like modern charm. <3 I simply love her style.

  3. Oh I love this so much! I can see traces of Lolita but it also reminds me of the 40’s in America!