Japanese Girl in Lace, Leggings & Brown Leather

This pretty Japanese girl is a 20-year-old college student who was photographed in Harajuku. Her outfit is a combination of vintage and handmade items. Her cropped brown shearling leather jacket has a retro feel and features white trim. Its worn over a white cotton dress with lace trim and shirttail hem. She’s wearing tan Crisp pumps and brown leggings that match her jacket. Her tweed socks are trimmed with lace cuffs.

Her handmade lace accessories include a ring with flowers and whimsical earring with a food item (a macaroon?). Her wide belt is made from brown print cotton and tan leather. Around her neck she’s wearing a vintage watch embellished with a rose. Her large white bag is vintage.

Japanese girl in lace, leggings & brown leather

Vintage cropped leather jacket

Wide print belt and vintage jewelry

Brown leather jacket and large white vintage bag

Handmade lace earring

Handmade lace ring

Crisp pumps with lace-trimmed leggings

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  1. wow, she is so cute……..and yea outfits kool as well, lol

  2. WouaOUhh !!! It’s so cute !! I love her dress, her hair, her belt and her necklace!!! I love it !

  3. The girl is so beautiful! She have thought about all details – earrings, rings, pocket watch with a chain. Amazing!

  4. She has so nice and cute smile. It is the same in all pictures, as it is hard to tell whether she is smiling or not :)

  5. Stunning! She has assembled a unique look that complements her natural beauty. Bravo!

  6. She does NOT look 20… more like 28 or 30. I don’t see anything amazing about her messy look…

  7. She’s not that pretty, something off about that mouth. BUT, she has amazingly styled hair! Her hair is so well pieced and waved >.< and i like her outfit too

  8. totally super duper cute<3, i´d love to have that outfit ^^

  9. I really like this look – btw, it’s macaron, with only 1 o :)
    I love how she’s so creative and made her accessories. Great inspiration!

  10. impresionada con ese estilo mmm ♦.♦ tan lindo *.*