Japanese Girl in WEGO Dress & Jacket in Harajuku

This cute Japanese girl with strawberry blonde hair color was photographed on the street in Harajuku. Her outfit consists of cropped leather jacket from the WEGO brand LUCY, a long belted flower dress from Dukkah by WEGO, black tights, and black vintage-looking military boots. She’s also wearing a Vivienne Westwood necklace and carrying a white canvas bag.

Cropped Jacket & Dress in Harajuku

Strawberry Hair Color Japanese Girl

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  1. I love the whole outfit except for the hideous boots she’s wearing. It just doesn’t go with the whole ensemble.

  2. I agree with Adonis. She should be wearing wedges or some chic boots instead. But after all, she’s so pretty and I love that hair color.

  3. i love her outfit :D
    personally i think that the boots work well with the entire outfit, the boots match the leather jacket, making it look sort of edgy ;)

  4. I agree, the boots give her whole look a really strong edge. She still looks classy and elegant, and she is amazing for pulling off pearls + boots without looking trashy! Brava! <3

  5. 水木さん

    I like this with the boots.
    Very nice (:

    ありがとう ^^

  6. I agree with Adonis, her boots are too masculine to work with that outfit. IMO, she needs to get better dress too. It looks very cheap. I just like her cool hair!

  7. the boots are fine, but she needs a better bag and.. is she wearing a black top under the dress?!