Japanese Girl w/ Piercings, Tattoos & Super Lovers x George Cox Creepers

This is Lucia, a Japanese go-go dancer with braided hair – as well as multiple cool piercings and tattoos – that we met on the street in Harajuku.

Lucia’s dark edgy look features a “Lagrimas De Maria” t-shirt from the Japanese rock band Sorrow (RIP Kaori Kawamura), a Vivienne Westwood denim skirt, ruffle socks, and George Cox x Super Lovers platform creepers. She’s also carrying a large black leather bag with a Vivienne Westwood bear attached to it. Accessories include a hair bandana, gauged earrings, a labret piercing, a cherry-on-a-chain necklace, an SWC skull-&-crown necklace, a Nixon watch, and a large bow ring.

When we asked Lucia about her favorite fashion brand, she said “Vivienne Westwood”.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Bananabear

    Aaaaw this is EXACTLY what I wanted to look like when I was ten!

  2. ohhh! she has a shirt that says “lagrimas de maria” wich means, Maria tears. lovely.

  3. Nice nice nice nice!!!
    Called my atention “Lagrimas de Maria”
    All accesories are awesome. :)

    Sony Caxs

  4. love the earrings – like the look, sedate compared to some of the other looks…

  5. SUPERRRR COOOOLLL *—-* (“Lagrimas de Maria” is the BEST,cuz…portuguese language is my language lol)

  6. Lova how she pair her sock wib her shoes!!!! Alsom I want to pierce my ears like tat at the top too~~~