Japanese Girl w/ Skull-Cherry Earrings & Ribbon-Bow Mary Janes

This is Shima, a 19-year-old Japanese college student.

Shima is wearing a simple-but-stylish outfit that is centered around a black dress from the Shimokitazawa resale shop New York Joe Exchange and black Mary Janes with striped ribbon bows from Haight & Ashbury (another Shimokitazawa resale shop). Her accessories include a necklace with gold teeth charms, skull-cherry earrings (probably from Nadia), silver cross earrings, a heard thumb ring, a Casio Baby-G watch, leather bracelets, and a vintage “Heinz Haunted House” button. Her British Flag-print bag is from Topshop.

Shima told us that her favorite shops is Nadia and her favorite fashion brands include Top Shop, RNA, and Zara.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. i absolutely love it. i think maybe a more classical bag would coordenate better, though.
    but shes so gorgeous!!!

  2. I simply love this look head to toe it’s perfect !!!!!

  3. love the entire outfit but the earrings and the way she added onto the shoes are awesome. :D

    I just noticed it says July 1st, but its still only June 30th in Canada. XD
    I wanna go visit japan one day. ~

  4. Whats with the HAUNTED HOUSE pin??? Did she just come from DISNEYLAND?

  5. I looooove this outfit!! It’s so cool by being soo… eh cool. I don’t know. I just love it. I really do. Really. OMG!!!!!!

  6. I like how she portrays a goth but does it in a cute way; not freaky.

  7. Love her accesories popping out from her black ensemble!