Japanese Girl w/ Tiger Tattoo, Cute Short Hairstyle & Booties

Here’s a stylish 19-year-old Japanese girl with a cute short hairstyle. Her name is Kani and she works at Three Tides Tattoo in Harajuku. Kani’s awesome tiger tattoo is the first thing that caught our attention when we spotted her walking in Harajuku.

Kani is wearing a cool black hooded jacket from Match Box over jeans shorts from Thank-You Mart, black stockings, and black suede high-heel booties. Her accessories – some of which came from the Takeshita Dori shop Paris Kids – include a silver necklace and multiple earrings (one of which features dangling charms). Kani has several tattoos, including an ornamental cross design on her left elbow and the large tiger on her left thigh.

Kani told us that some of her favorite bands are Marilyn Manson, Nightmare, The Gazette, and Sound Horizon. She also suggested that anyone interested in Japanese tattoos might want to check out the Three Tides Tattoo website & blog.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. I take her, can you wrap her up and put a bow please :D Bauttiful ..

  2. Wow she’s really beautiful, and looks very tall <3 Love the outfit

  3. Anyone knows where can i see more tattoos from kyo of dir en grey? :c

  4. Anyone know of a website for Match Box clothing or where that hoodie could be found?

  5. KamikazeD

    Love the outfit! Sleek, simple and sexy! :D And her tattoos rock! :D

  6. Love the outfit she is beautiful but I noticed she has cutting scars on her wrist in the picture of her tattoo. Poor thing I feel really bad for her.

  7. Wow, this girl is like perfect in every way!! :o

  8. Queen Cadaver

    I wish I could find her jacket. I looked everywhere and nothing comes up.

  9. Schezerade

    she’s the epitome of cool *.*
    i want to be her *cries*

  10. I realy lOve Here i pay all my money to meet here

  11. Lady Caos

    Love her! She looks super cool. Rockish but elegant. And I love girls with short hair. And her tatoos! Definitely cool.

  12. I love the tatt through the tights! Her whole outfit is too cool.

  13. Her style is just AWSOME! Beauty legs… And jacket. Lovely <3