Japanese Girl Wearing No.11 Fashion in Harajuku

This stylish 22-year-old Japanese girl was photographed in the Harajuku area of Tokyo. She works for the Japanese fashion brand No.11 (written properly as n°11). The brand has a very cool shop in Harajuku. Her entire outfit – which consists of several layers of long flowing tops, black stockings, and knee-high black leather boots – came from No.11. She told us that her favorite fashion brand is No.11 (surprise!) and her favorite music is made by the Icelandic band múm.

No.11 Fashion in Harajuku

Japanese Bob Hairstyle

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  1. I really like her outfit, the flowing layers work so well with the flowing hair :3

  2. raynorshine

    the part i like best is her confident look. that’s what really makes the outfit :D