Japanese Girl’s Wedge Espadrilles, Maxi Dress, Parasol & Straw Bag

This is Honami, a 17-year-old Japanese high school student. She was drinking a carton of Dole fruit juice in Harajuku when we stopped her for photos.

Honami is wearing a colorful outfit that features a lavender maxi-dress from The Virgin Mary (a shop popular with Dolly Kei girls) along with wedge espadrilles with flowers on them from Tarock. Her accessories include ribbon bows in her blonde hair, a parasol (Tokyo’s summer sun can be brutal), strawberry earrings, and a handmade patchwork-crochet-random-materials-and-hanging-pompoms collar from indie Japanese fashion brand mxe. She’s also carrying two bags – a heart-shaped straw basket from The Virgin Mary and a brown shoulder bag from Theatre Products.

When we asked her about her favorite shops/brand, Honami told us that she really likes both The Virgin Mary and Grimoire.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

Note: This update is from a series of street snaps that were taken last year for a print magazine. The magazine didn’t need all of the photos, so we are running the remaining snaps here on Tokyo Fashion. Some of the styles may be more 2010 than 2011, but they have never been seen before and we didn’t want them to go unpublished.

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  1. sigh.. i love the awesome bag….!! love love love love love………..it’s like i wanna go on a picnic with her.. isshoni pikkunikku shiyou? hihihihiihhi

  2. Bananabear

    Oh good, another ‘throw random stuff together hoping it’ll look artistic in the end’ outfit.

  3. Thats the unique thing about japanese.. they can put any random stuff tgt and pull it off well.. this wont work for other countries anyway..
    <3 Japan!!!

  4. NinetyNine99s

    Perfect outfit for a lovely summer picnic ☼

  5. JamJammieJam

    Her hairstyle is cute. I like the dress… It’s the collar part I just can’t bring myself to like.

  6. makeup, hairstyle, outfit, accessories all well done!

  7. although its kindof thrown together, I’ve seen much worse and this is actully pretty good way to do it! SUPA KAWII ^___^ <3

  8. Thank you for these pictures- the ladies are dressed so nicely! I especially love the stockings with sandals!

  9. Aleksandra Victoria

    It’s so gooood. Pastel color..nice ~(*o* )

  10. Her make up perfection;) everything else hard to pull of but I think she did it it suits her in a weird kind a way

  11. The only thing I don’t get is the brown purse WHY!!!