Japanese Girls in Handmade Multi-Layered Fashion w/ “Death” Doll in Harajuku

These two Japanese girls – Maho and Haruka, both 18-years-old – were pretty hard to miss when we saw them walking down the street together in Harajuku.

Maho, with pink hair and plenty of charisma, is on the left. Her multi-layered uniquely-accessorized outfit is not easy to classify. If you were to try, you might make a case for some kind of a post-mori, post-dolly vibe mixed with traditional clothing remake? Anyways, she said that both her tops and bottoms came from the resale shop Chicago. Her different-colored shoes came from another resale shop, Panama Boy. Maho’s numerous accessories include a remake bag that she originally purchased at Kinji, a variety of silver rings, vintage buttons, circle glasses, doll parts, a large tassel necklace, and a scarf hair bow. She’s also carrying a large spooky doll painted with the word “death”. Unsurprisingly, Maho said that many of her accessories are handmade.

Maho’s favorite shops/brands include Panama Boy, Kinji, and Monomania. Her favorite band is The Mirraz. If you’d like to know more about this unique girl, you can check out her personal blog (Japanese).

On the right is Haruka, wearing a mostly white outfit that includes a resale top and dress (or long skirt), both from Kinji, and United Colors of Benetton shoes from her mother. Haruka’s accessories include a really detailed handmade bag, a hat, a floral corsage, a vintage button, a floral ring, and ruffle socks.

Haruka told us that her favorite shops are Kinji and Crisp, and that her favorite band is Radwimps.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. I sometimes wonder if the people in tokyo are on drugs haha. I absolutely adore the crazy fashions I wish I was a little more crazy with my style.

  2. The dolls face looks like it’s painted with the English flag o_O But whyyyy! We’re such a nice place!

  3. I actually dress a lot like the girl on the right. =P Love her purse; both looks are awesome!

  4. joviecole

    love the all white out fit other one is unique too but messy <.<

  5. Vanlal Muanpuii

    is it necessary to go with the layer to layer to layer and yet to another layer….and all those bunch of dolls..etc…but its amazing how they came up with this look..XD

  6. usually i like everything on here but these two look awful. it honestly seems like they found every bit of fabric and garbage in their house and put it on at once.

  7. That all white outfit is cute, another one is too weird

  8. I agree with Yuki…. this is a crazy homeless look that isn’t attractive or stylish.

  9. the gir; with the freaky doll scares the crap out of me. I love the girl next to her though because they are polar opposites. Was that on purpose? i liked the innocent look:)

  10. looks like these two were caught in an explosion at the Salvation Army

  11. Maho kinda makes me think of Thora Burch in Ghostworld. Cute, but scary as hell at the same time. Like a really cute homeless girl who just escaped from purgatory ? . . .