Japanese Girl’s Handmade Fashion in Harajuku

When we photographed her in Harajuku, this super cool 18-year-old Japanese girl told us that she is a student. She’s wearing a very unique outfit consisting of a pair of high-waisted silver asymmetrically-cut shorts, and a denim jacket that appears to be inside out and possibly attached to the gold velvet-looking undershirt. Like her shorts, the sleeves on the denim jacket are also cut to different lengths. She’s also wearing black Melissa x Doc Dog wedges with cute colorful socks, several items of colorful jewelry, and headphones by Aerial7. Her bag looks to be knit or crochet, and it’s got a large flower pattern on the outside.

As far as fashion brands – she told us that she made her own jacket/top and jewelry, her bottoms are from the famous Harajuku shop Bunkaya Zakkaten, and her bag is from a resale/vintage shop. Her favorite brand/shop is Mint Designs, and she likes to listen to DJ Shadow. Nice!

Silver Asymmetrical Shorts

Colorful Harajuku Jewelry

Japanese Girl in Aerial7 Headphones

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  1. Many of the looks of late seem to be more “toned down” than even just a few weeks ago. I’m wondering if this is typical of the season/weather in Tokyo, or just a coincidence. In any case, this girl is definitely full of colour!

  2. tokyo

    Yeah, the winter can be a problem for street fashion photos. As the weather gets colder, we have problems finding people who aren’t wearing matching big black overcoats. It would be pretty boring to just post everyone wearing black coats, so we try to find people who are willing to suffer for fashion by being cold. Sometimes, though, the ones willing to be cold for fashion are handcore, so even though we might end up with fewer pictures, they can be pretty interesting. I guess it might be the same in Canada?

  3. Nice! I was just in Harajuku a few months ago. They just got a new H&M over there so there is a lot of fashion experimentation going on with the women.

  4. Yeah, the weather is brutally cold over here in Canada right now. As you say, lots of black coats everywhere. But you can generally still find a lot of interesting looks at malls and in subway stations. Even so, we are no match for the looks that are coming out of Tokyo! :)

  5. Am I the only one that doesn’t think this is fashion, but just random things worn to stand out…or is that fashion?

  6. I use to think like that about japanese fashion but when you’ve seen alot of fashion out there you will understand that fashion eventually reaches a plateau for example alot of people down here in New Zealand wear leather jackets, jeans etc. Ya sure that’s fine but it’s not exactly interesting to the eye.
    What Japan has done is constantly revamp what is fashion, make it interesting and for me to look at these individual looks is really makes me think in a different perspective. Like “Wow, so thats how you wear your boots” “Oh I didn’t think about that” It’s like Art almost, it pulls me in and forces me to mentally engage in their art and come out with a much more refined perspective. Anw’s that my 2 cents.

  7. To Japanese Words: It’s called self expression. Not everybody will like everything that pushes the envelope but that’s ok. Everyone has their personal taste.
    I’m just happy there are young people who don’t just follow trends and look like clones. It’s refreshing. Sometimes it’s hit or miss but I think it’s great. Fashion and personal style are two different things. One is for the masses who need to be told how to dress, the other is an individual sensibility regradless of trends.

  8. Luv her bag! If it was ten times bigger, I’d be all over that!