Japanese Girls’ Street Styles w/ Lakers Jersey, RRR Show Room, Jordan, WEGO, Forever21 & Leopard Print Bag

We came upon Bien and Okiku, two teen girls who caught our eye with their individual street styles on the Harajuku street.

At the left sporting twin braids with short bangs is Bien, whose outfit consists of a yellow Lakers jersey shirt, worn over a long sleeve purple-and-white striped shirt from RRR Show Room. She tucked her layered tops into a purple skirt – borrowed from Runa -, donned white flame print socks, and slipped into black-and-white sandals from WEGO. The 17-year-old student finished off her style with a pink Mario Bros printed crossbody bag from RRR Show Room. Bien’s favorite fashion brand is RRR Show Room, and she likes listening to foreign music, as well as Momoiro Clover Z and AKB48. Bien is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Okiku -a 16-year-old student – is dressed in a black ribbed spaghetti strap tank top, red Jordan track pants, and black patent leather zipper boots from Forever21. Gold-framed eyeglasses, a silver nose ring, a metallic choker, a silver pinkie ring, and a leopard print drawstring sling bag completed her look. Okiku is also active on Instagram and Twitter.

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