Japanese Girls w/ Fun Sunglasses in Harajuku

When we saw this pair of friendly girls in Harajuku we had to get some pictures of their whimsical style. The girl on the left is 17-year-old Nosako. She’s wearing a Justice t-shirt from the flea market with a wide quilted belt and a short red skirt from a resale ship. She’s also wearing black and yellow Converse sneakers and socks with red lace ruffles.

Nosako’s accessories from Thank-You Mart and Village Vanguard include Bite Me sunglasses, a red plastic pendant on a silver chain and a red heart ring. Her purse, a white cloth tote bag decorated with a red chiffon scarf, was a gift from her mother,

The smiling girl on the right with futuristic sunglasses is Sensan, who’s also 17. Her outfit includes a red pinstripe shirt from the flea market, bright print leggings from Romantic Standard and blue Mary Jane shoes from East Boy. She’s also wearing a black cardigan and carrying a large Vivienne Westwood purse decorated with a skull keychain.

Sensan’s eclectic accessories from Rojo and DJ Gizmo include, in addition to her sunglasses, headphones decorated with blue wire and a skull bracelet.

We asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources. Nosako said she likes Nadia and Kinji, while Sensan favors Vivienne Westwood and Romantic Standard. We also asked what type music they enjoy. Nosako likes Bump of Chicken, The Bawdies and Kaela Kimura and Sensan enjoys AquaTimez and Asian Kung Fu Generation.
Friendly girls w/ novelty sunglasses

Justice t-shirt & black cardigan

Sunglasses w/ Bite Me graphic lenses

Red plastic pendant & hear ring

Fabric tote bag & red chiffon scarf

Yellow & black Converse sneakers w/ red lace socks

Red pinstripe shirt & black cardigan

Cool eye shades & headphones w/ blue wire

Vivienne Westwood purse w/ skull keychain

Skull bracelet in Harajuku

East Boy Mary Jane shoes

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  1. I want those leggings SOOOOOOOO badly ;________________;

  2. I want the GIRL and the SUNGLASSES on the right…in that order

  3. that 2nd girl’s sunglasses reminds me of that 1 guy from Star Trek :)

  4. I love the futuristic shades! Its super FUN and eyecatching. The headphones — are they DIY designed? It looks super cool.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I especially love those pants/leggings(?… :/ ..) seriously I really want a pair! O.O
    However, my only criticism is that those red socks on Nosako look like she dropped her panties from a distance…. D:

  6. I love these,and her Justice t shirt? They rock! look up Justice-Cross {cross is the cd} and her legs are amazing!