Japanese Glasses Girl & Large Hair Bun in Harajuku

We photographed these two Japanese girls on a windy day in Harajuku. The girl on the left has her hair up in a huge bun – a hairstyle that is quite popular with Japanese women. The girl on the right is wearing glasses, a striped top, a hoodie, jean shorts, and sneakers. Both of the girls are wearing necklaces – the girl on the left a wooden bead necklace, and the girl on the right a silver heart from Tiffany & Company.

Japanese Girls in Harajuku

Tiffany Heart Necklace in Tokyo

Large Japanese Hair Bun

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  1. jesika lin

    i love the shorts and tights thing! im totally doing that this year!

  2. How does that girl do that bun thing in her hair? I love it!!

  3. Sarah: try youtubing “binosusume”, she has amazing hair tutorials. You’ll need to start with wavy/curled hair to achieve a nice bun (odango). That girl’s bun isn’t well-done, it’s lopsided and you can see hair peeking out.

  4. lots of japanese women were doing the shorts over leggings when i was in tokyo. looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. I LOVE the pink t-shirt girl !! She’s so pretty (and I Love the whole outfit !)