Japanese Gothic Magazine Model in Shinjuku

Catherine is a model for famous Japanese artist and photographer Mika Nanigawa. She has also appeared in Kera Magazine and Japanese Gothic magazines.

When we snapped Catherine in Shinjuku she was wearing a black cardigan borrowed from her mother over a graphic green tank top from a local shop. Her black cuffed shorts are from Uniqlo. She’s also wearing long green and white polka dot socks with black and white shoes that were given to her. Her black bag is from Bunka.

Catherine’s biography is available on her Japanese website. We asked about her favorite brands and she said she like her own handmade style best. Her favorite music is Marilyn Manson and Kyokutou Girl Friend.
Japanese Gothic model in Uniqlo shorts

Black sweater and grpahic tank

Black and white shoes with polka dot socks

Green plastic wristbands

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  1. I love how she mixed everything together. I especially love her socks and shoes. ♥

    She has pretty clean nails which I’m jealous of, too. :)) And, wow. She has BIG eyes.

  2. She doesn’t have big eyes really, she’s wearing hime gyaru eye makeup which involves moving the lower lid’s eye makeup further down onto the skin below the eye and adding fake lashes to give the illusion of larger eyes. It’s actually kind of weird to see close up. but her outfit is super cute all the same.

  3. something about the eyeliner on her lower lid is kind of bugging me… like it doesn’t look clean enough? i’m not sure how to describe it. :c
    i love her combination of green and black, and how she threw the red and white in there. what a good outfit.

  4. FashionFish

    I agree that the lower eye liner is a bit edgy, but with such lovely eyes I think she can pull this off without any problem. The color combination is great. This girls has got style. I really like the double green bracelets and the touch of red and white. Also I think the t shirt graphics work well with the overall look.

  5. @Kaikai you should really study more on Japanese fashion styles,, calling that Hime-gyaru make up is just stupid.

    A lot of girls pull their lower eyeline down with eyeliner but it’s not himegyaru, it’s just making the eyes appear bigger, and not only himegyarus do that.
    In this case it’s like the girls own gloomy trademark, people who’ve actually seen her in KERA should know what I’m talking about.

  6. i dont know if its her eye makeup or what, but i think it makes her face look kind of deformed. like her eyes are waaaaaay too far apart and she looks like a cartoon of a weeping basset hound or something. her outfit is super cute though!! i want her tee shirt!

  7. I agree with Shion. Many girls do this in order to create a Western style eye shape. It’s a popular style of eye makeup for Gyaru’s in particular, not just Hime. (:
    Her eyes do look drooped, but that’s only because of the thick eyeliner. I like it anyway, it looks mysterious and kind of cute too!

  8. Yeah, the huge eyes are because of makeup but it’s well done and adorable – like the outfit! Also, I love Marilyn Manson.

  9. Her eyes are humongous, i’m wondering if they’re natural though…and her face looks very anime-esque .

    I love the green, it’s limey?
    It contrasts wonderfully with the black

    She ends up looking totally adorable~

  10. I love this outfit so much, specially the stockings <3

  11. I don’t think her makeup flatters her eyes at all!
    Otherwise, this is really pretty!

  12. Fail on the make-up. Doesn’t make her eyes appear bigger… they just seem very… droopy. She looks slow. Not cute. And not gyaru.

    I only like the socks and the shoes.

  13. i think her eyes look very weird and creepy… she looks like a sad basset hound!!

  14. I really love this look, specially her shoes
    I like her hairstyle and her eyes make-up

  15. do you know the name of shoes?
    I saw same shoes at anime, want to buy it

  16. The shoes she’s wearing are “creepers” – not sure the brand, but you can check one of the classic Creepers brands like George Cox or just search Google for the term and you should find lots of options.

  17. @mao She’s a model who’s been featured in kera and other gothic magazines, maan, I’m pretty sure she’s not trying for the gyaru look.

    The black and green is a wonderful combination. Love her makeup :D

  18. OMG, she really looks like an anime character. She reminds me a bit of Soul Eater. Luv her outfit too. Adorable!!!

  19. Creepers! And stockings and she has pretty hands. :) The only thing I don’t like is how she did her eyes.

  20. @shion
    wow, i’m impressed. now you have presented us your immense knowledge about japanese fashion what indeed makes you much cooler than the rest of everyone who commented here. also, you insulted someone you don’t know by calling him/her stupid just because he gave the makeup of that girl a wrong name. For sure he/she is way more stupid than you and has no clue about japanese street fashion.
    well, I guess you got it:
    Not everyone can have so much knowledge about fashion and can be just as cool as you are.

  21. It is awesome how her eyes looks alike those of “L” in Death Note ! :O. I love herr look, and the little red umbrella ^=^

  22. No wonder she’s a model! Those eyes of hers are lovely! She has one of those faces that are beautiful because of its appealing oddness.

  23. i love this look and the eye make up is beautiful no wonder she’s a model she’s perfect!!! =^_^=