Japanese Guy With Curly Hairstyle & Addictive Bag in Harajuku

Here’s a cool Japanese guy who we met in Harajuku, near the KDDI Designing Studio. When we first spotted him, he was standing along a railing and it looked like he was possibly waiting for someone. We were intrigued by his awesome hairstyle, so we approached him for street snaps.

He’s wearing a blazer over a button-up shirt, jeans, and distressed black leather boots. The most striking elements of his look, though, were the combination of his curly shaved-on-the-sides hairstyle, his reflective sunglasses, and the way he held his Addictive (Japanese brand) Boston bag. There was some kind of unique confidence/coolness that might not be fully apparent in the photos, but which made him stand out of the Harajuku crowd.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. HE IS WORKIN’ THAT PERM. Get ’em xD He’s so damn cute!