Japanese Guy Named Bob, With An Afro

We love street fashion photos with a story! So, we stopped this guy for a picture because of his excellent Afro hairstyle and his colorful clothing. But, after we stopped him, he had plenty to say, and not about fashion. He told us that his name is “Bob” (real name Masahiro Teramoto) and he is a Japanese artist. He has an art event coming up on Halloween 2009 at Space Kids Gallery in Aoyama. All the info about the event, and samples of his art, can be found on his website.

Back to Bob’s fashion – it’s all about his afro when you first see him. After that, you’ve got the reflective sunglasses, a red patterned tie over a red patterned button up shirt, a black 1970s looking jacket, aqua blue pants, and white Doc looking boots. He’s carrying a really big white quilted bag – perhaps that’s where he keeps his art supplies and spray cans. Also on the side of the bag are a pair of full sized headphones.

Japanese Afro Hairstyle

Artist Masahiro Teramoto

Click the top photo to see Bob’s afro in super size!

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  1. Nicole! =3

    This dude’s the COOLEST I’ve seen so far. And my gosh, like, how thin is he????!!?

  2. please does anyone knows which brand sunglassses are that this boy is wearing? thank u in advance…