Japanese Guy’s Top Hat & LaCoste x ATO Sneakers in Harajuku

This stylish Japanese guy told us that his name is Tsukamoto when we met him in Harajuku.

Tsukamoto is wearing a studded top from Discovered along with denim-pocket shorts from Gilet and sneakers that are a collaboration between LaCoste and the Japanese brand ATO. Accessories include his tall black top hat, a blue & black messenger bag, a HEB Milano watch, and several bracelets.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Cool outfit, but guys with hairy legs are so sexy. Even though he looks chou oshare da ga, still looks very manly. ;) love it.

  2. Incredible style, the hat looks great and it make perfect balance with his face and long hair, the t shirt is special, I don’t know whether is printed or pinned, trousers are great I love those kind of pockets if I could find a pants like those that fit’s my style I would definitely buy them, shoes are quite nice but not my personal style, moving to the bag it does looks awesome, is it made on leather? lets hope so, that thick leather is kind of hard to sew, but I love the colors!

  3. Nice t-shirt, and I like his beaded bracelet too. Not sure about the pants though lol.