Japanese Hair/Makeup Artist & Model in Harajuku w/ Tattoos, Crop Top, Top Secret Shorts & Yello Stilettos

While we were out taking a walk along the streets of Tokyo, we came across Mana Izumi, a Japanese hair/makeup artist and gyaru/tattoo model whose chic streetwear look easily caught our eye.

Sporting a chic fringed bob and artistic tattoos all over, Mana Izumi stepped out in an orange crop tank top from Bershka and a pair of black skinny denim ripped shorts from Top Secret. See-through pointy sandals with stiletto heels and rhinestone embellishments from the Japanese brand Yello, and gold accessories – from Avalanche and Hawaiian Jewelry – such as cross earrings, layered gold necklaces, a gold belt, multiple bangles, multiple gold rings, and a gold anklet rounded out her style.

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