Japanese Fashion Model in Harajuku w/ Lavender Pixie Cut, UN3D Off Shoulder Top, Ungrid Jeans, Otope, Gucci & Rosebud Wedge Sandals

Sporting a chic streetwear style on the streets of Harajuku one afternoon is Kaoli, a 21-year-old Japanese model with lavender purple pixie cut.

Kaoli stepped out in a black one shoulder top from UN3D, which she tucked into denim jeans with slightly flared bottoms from Ungrid. She stepped into a pair of black wedge sandals from Rosebud, and accessorized her style with a pair of sunglasses, Otope glass bead earrings, and a black leather belt. In addition, Kaoli is toting a Gucci logo print purse.

Kaoli updates on Instagram if you’d like to see more of her fashion.

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