Japanese Hime Gyaru in Pink w/ Big La Pafait Hair Bow, Lace & Flowers

While in the area of Shibuya 109 over the weekend, we spotted this amazingly pink Japanese girl wearing hime gyaru (princess) style. We didn’t have time to get all of her brand info (as we were on our way to meet someone and she was on her way to Shibuya 109), but we were very thankful that she was nice enough to let us take a few quick snaps.

Her outfit consists of a pink floral dress with lace, bows, and pearls along with a massive pink hair bow (also with pearls, lace, and flowers) from the Japanese hime gyaru brand La Pafait, numerous other smaller hair bows, a crown necklace, a bracelet made of interlocking hearts, and heels with pink flowers attached. She’s carrying two bags – the first is an animal-print-and-flowers tote and the other is a shopping bag from La Pafait. La Pafait is popular with hime girls, so it’s very possible that other items in her outfit could be from the brand as well.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Yaaaa first!!!! How cute! she looks so adorable ..like a doll

  2. i wished i could see more photos like these here
    it looks just amazing !
    and super cute
    i love all the details and shoes

  3. I don’t like gyaru style because it’s so unnatural that it almost always ends up looking… I don’t know… a little creepy? I like her hair (must be a wig or at least hair extensions?) but it’s just… it’s all just overkill. Sorry, I like the other styles on here a lot more. Please don’t make gyaru posts a regular thing, TokyoFashion!

  4. i have an ld doll that looks like her!…that wig must be heavy! but i love when people get so wild! Especially japanese people!<3!!

  5. She looks like living doll!!! Very cute! She just look adorable! Love her style :)

  6. I’m not 100% sure, but I have a feeling that she may be one of the shop girls for La Parfait, but if not, she’s certainly an avid follower of the brand!

  7. I don’t usually like this style but, that 2nd pic looks pretty cute ^^

  8. I do love this style, thank you for the pics. She’s adorable!

  9. Wow! Don’t see this around much anymore. That hair is as big as she is!

  10. it looks AWESOME
    dear TokyoFashion : please , post more photos like this !
    i want to see more like that

  11. Penelo@ , yes, she is, she works in La Pafait =3
    chim@ no, her shoes are from La Pafait ^^

    hey guys, she don’t use wig, this is her real hair , I think her name is miki, but when I go in La Pafait I always call her “onechan” so I don’t know ^^’ she is very cute, and I loove her voice =3

  12. Don’t lyk dis style too much make-up nd I personally don’t lyk heavy makeup yet lop shoes…

  13. sorry, “Ungyaru”, but I only come to this website FOR the Gyaru and cool Shibuya pictures, so if they stopped posting those, I’m sure they would lose a bunch of hits on their site.

    I LOVE GYARU, especially manba and all the crazy styles of gyaru.
    it’s SUPPOSED to look unnatural. obviously they’re not going for the natural look.

  14. babycakes27

    i just LOVE this entire outfit and hair and makeup and everythinggg :)
    There’s nothing wrong with it, Ungyaru. Not everyone likes all of the styles and for the ones that do YAYY! and the ones that dont like himegyaru…too bad. I love it and there are many other styles i’m not a fan of but that’s just me and someone else may like it.

  15. WOW just ahhhhhdorable!!! I love the look, the shoes are just *O* <3

  16. I don’t particularly love the Hime Gyaru look, but it is a breath of fresh air to see a such an extreme high maintenance style posted here every now and then. So many of the pictures (especially in the Harajuku section) seem to feature the same exact crafty “I just threw this thrift store stuff on” look over and over again. If I wanted to keep seeing just that, I could just go take a walk through my old art college and take pictures of the hipsters there. There’s practically no difference…Gyaru style is uniquely Japanese however

  17. I find it a bit weird that many pictures of hime gyaru styled girls/ women have the same accessories and clothes. What’s with that? o__o

  18. ジェイリン

    I Love how she did her hair so cute and she looks Adorable.! :D

  19. LOVE IT. i know shes vain and cant live without herself caking it on but we have to appreciate teh time and effort to maintain this look. keeep it up gallll

  20. Princess Whome

    I just love this look, she is a beautiful girl and she has taken so such care with each one of those accessories. I so want to do something like this

  21. Gorgeous. I love her outfit and all the details. Crazy about the cute toes wrapped in thin fishnet layer peeking out of the sleepers, very sensual, almost a homely attire but that works outside.