Japanese Host Wearing Polka Dots, Skulls & Tall Boots in Harajuku

Here’s Yui, a stylish Japanese guy with a blonde hairstyle who we met on the street in Harajuku. Yui told us that he works as a host.

Yui is wearing a jacket with a polka dot pattern (some of the polka dots are smiley faces) over a long black skull-logo top, torn jeans, and knee-high leather boots. Accessories include a leopard print scarf, crown & key silver necklaces, a wrist watch, a silver skull ring, a silver chain bracelet, and a black leather bag.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. his eyes.. his nose.. his lips… oh noooo….

  2. Corerei18

    Such a handsome boy!!! Ahhhhh…..but a host, what a shame…

  3. Won’t say a ‘man’ LOL, But he is veeery cute. He reminds me of Utada a tiny bit. He has nice hands haha, but those nails need to go <3

  4. id put black polish on his nails… that would look way hotter <3

  5. Oh God! I really love his style, I´m fell in love with the jacket~

  6. For one second I thout he was a guy before looking at his shoes … Love his style

  7. alfianhopper

    He’s really looks like a girl… I love his boots!

  8. if I were his customer, my self-esteem will totally hit rock bottom just by being in his presence T____T

  9. hi i want black long boot the one the model is wearing in size 6 please send me email if u got it so i can arrange payment