Japanese Idol w/ Cute Pink Coat, Heart Bag & Creepers in Harajuku

This is Miichan, a 17-year-old member of the Japanese idol group TIP (Tochigi Idol Project). According to the group’s website, TIP were formed to promote the talent of Tochigi Prefecture.

Miichan’s pink coat is from WEGO, and she’s wearing it over a Nice Claup top and WEGO skirt with pink buckle creepers. She’s carrying a Nadia tote and a heart shaped Disney princess bag. Her accessories are handmade: a bow hair clip, seashell necklace and beads bracelet. She told us she likes to shop from Nadia and resale stores.

Find out more about Miichan and her idol work on her official Twitter.

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  1. Merry Salvedorem Alayacyac

    I like her coat , I wonder where if I can buy it online ?