Japanese Idol’s Street Style w/ Keisuke Kanda & Creamy Mami

This cute and well-accessorized Japanese girl is named Ainoeri. We met Ainoeri on the street in Harajuku, where she told us that she is a voice actress, an apprentice designer, and an idol.

Ainoeri’s mostly-white outfit includes a camisole dress from Southpaw under a lacy coat from The Virgin Mary, white tights, and shoes/slippers with hand lettering on them that appear to be the first two kanji of her name (Aino). She’s carrying dueling manga-illustrated bags, one by the designer Keisuke Kanda and the other featuring artwork from the 1980s magical girl anime Creamy Mami, the Magic Angel. Her other accessories include several Creamy Mami plush charms, an Anpanman charm, a large purple star, an iPod, and a bejeweled poodle necklace.

Ainoeri told us that she really likes the Tokyo resale shop The Virgin Mary as well as the Japanese illustrator/designer Keisuke Kanda. Her favorite types of music are anisong and electro. If you’d like to know more about her various projects, please check out Ainoeri’s blog or follow her on Twitter.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. awwwww she is so adorable. I love the outfit.

    i just love japanese fashion…actualy i love japan period!

  2. she’s beautiful o_o
    love her clothes…everything *-*

  3. I am really fond of this star neacklace ;A; how god….

  4. Well put together..the colors are pale but compliment each other ..luv!

  5. I would actually wear this. :) Cuteness to the highest level! :D

  6. Her sneakers/uwabaki look so cute!, specially on pink color!. She’s so cute!!!.

  7. She’s really so cute!, her dressing, her tights and her pink sneakers.