Japanese Idol Style in Harajuku w/ Candye Syrup Hair, Pink House, Angelic Pretty & Nincompoop Capacity

Aisaki Mai is a Japanese idol and Harajuku fashion icon who we often see around the streets. She is a member of the Candye Syrup idol group, which is based out of the hair salon with the same name in the backstreets of Harajuku.

Mai is wearing a kawaii street style that includes a vintage jacket over a Pink House top, a jumper skirt by the Japanese lolita fashion brand Angelic Pretty, graphic tights, and red fringe creepers. Accessories include a big hair bow in her blue twin tails hairstyle (hair color by Candye Syrup Harajuku), a large plaid muffler by the Japanese handmade brand Nincompoop Capacity, and a hand painted backpack with cute plush creatures attached.

Mai’s favorite fashion brand is Nincompoop Capacity and she likes the music of her own idol group Candye Syrup. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more of her fashion and music.

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