Japanese Idol Street Style w/ HEIHEI, Tattoo Sleeves, Meewee Dinkee, Vivienne Westwood, Never Mind the XU, Hysteric Glamour, Lily Rose & Yosuke

Catching our attention on the streets of Tokyo is Kashiko Koko, a Japanese pop idol from the all-girl group, #f606, dressed in a striking streetwear ensemble.

Kashiko is dressed in a black t-shirt with graphic prints from Meewee Dinkee, which she styled with a leopard print HEIHEI detached collar with plaid trims and a bow. She also wore a tattoo sleeve on one arm and finished off her style with a white fringed denim skirt, plaid socks and cat print lace-up boots from Yosuke. Kashiko is carrying a black Hysteric Glamour backpack, a Lily Rose printed canvas tote bag and accessorized with Vivienne Westwood orb earrings, Never Mind the XU chain bracelet and black ring, a Vivienne Westwood silver armor ring and a resale butterfly ring.

HEIHEI, Meewee Dinkee, Mukzin and Memuse are some of Kashiko’s favorite fashion brands while she likes listening to Bish, Dempagumi.inc, News and music from her own group, #f606. Follow her on Instagram for more of her street style and idol life.

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