Japanese Justin Bieber Fan in G2? Dress & Tokyo Bopper Platforms

Here’s Mayu, a 17-year-old Japanese student who we ran into on the street in Harajuku. Her unique black-and-white outfit matched with her bob hairstyle made us want to snap some pictures.

Mayu’s look features a white decorated dress from the well-known Harajuku vintage/resale shop G2? (pronounced “Gee Two Question”), white stockings with a black zipper print, and cool black and white multi-buckle platform shoes from Tokyo Bopper. Her accessories include a vintage leather backpack, a question mark ring from Nadia Harajuku, and a cat ring from the Japanese brand Ne-net.

Mayu told us that her favorite musicians include the Japanese rock band Sotaisei Riron and Canadian singer Justin Bieber (possibly his first mention on this site). Her favorite fashion brands include I am I and Ne-net.

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Love it. The tights have a great zipper detail too

  2. The placing of the cigarette is a bit odd XD
    Other than that i love the color scheme and tights!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tights and the top!!! : ) XxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxx : )