Japanese Kawaii Influencer in Harajuku w/ Pastel Hair, Pink Hime Overalls, Decora Accessories, Starblinc Bag & Platform Sandals

Haruka Kurebayashi is a name that needs no introduction to fans of kawaii Japanese fashion. She’s been a model, influencer, YouTuber, fashion designer, and all around kawaii ambassador for years, so we were very happy to see her on the street in Harajuku on the first weekend after the Tokyo lockdowns officially ended.

Kurebayashi is wearing kawaii pink polka dot overalls with a big heart from Pink Hime over an H&M ruffle top, kawaii decora accessories from Wada Labo, an enamel handbag by the Japanese retro fashion brand Starblinc, and butterfly platform sandals.

Kurebayashi’s favorite brands include Listen Flavor and Starblinc and she listens to the music of Melanie Martinez. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram or YouTube for more of her kawaii fashion and Tokyo life.

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