Japanese Kawaii Idol in Harajuku w/ Yellow Hair, Buffalo “Monster” 30cm Platforms, Loose Socks & Takuya Angel Bag

Shindi is a Japanese male kawaii idol (and self proclaimed 7-year-old alien) who works at the famous San To Nibun No Ichi boutique in Harajuku.

When we met Shindi this time on the street in Harajuku, he was wearing a pair of the famous 1996 Buffalo “Monster” 30cm platform boots (a pair of the same boots are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection) with loose socks, a Gorilla print shirt, a striped long sleeve shirt, furry shorts from ACDCRag, and a Takuya Angel furry bag. Shindi’s accessories include smiley face rings, a choker, a Demon Slayer plush, a Care Bear plush, and short twintails in his yellow hair.

Shindi’s favorite fashion brand is San To Nibun No Ichi and his idol group is called Takeshita Paradise. Follow him on Instagram or Twitter for more of his fashion and idol work.

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