Japanese Summer Kimono Fashion w/ Unicorn Hair, AnkoROCK Hat, Floral Yukata, LAD Musician, Junya Watanabe, Saint Laurent, Demonia & Maison Margiela Tabi Boots

Standing out on the streets of Tokyo with their kimono streetwear styles are Nagi, Emiry and Ryoya, three Jaspanese street style personalities well known their eye-catching fashion. Let’s take a closer look at their summer looks:

At the left is Nagi, whose dark streetwear style consists of a striped kimono, a black button down shirt and wide leg pants from LAD Musician. He styled his pants with a brown leather belt and a long silver chain and stepped into a pair of black leather tabi boots by Maison Margiela. For his accessories, Nagi donned a two-tone furry top hat from AnkoROCK, wore white-framed sunglasses, mismatched earrings, a ball chain pendant necklace, a black necktie and multiple silver knuckle rings. Most of his accessories are resale pieces. In addition, he is carrying a drawstring knapsack. Nagi lists Comme des Garcons and Anrealage as his fashion favorites and he loves listening to hip hop music. Find Nagi on Instagram.

Sporting a unicorn fashion palette with matching unicorn braided hairstyle at the middle is Emiry, a 6%DOKIDOKI staffer. She stepped out in a resale yukata, which features a floral motif and a tri-color obi with bow and glitter accents. She slipped into a pair of metallic lace-up boots in a unicorn colorway and carried a Yurikaden quilted drawstring bag with a heart detail and rope handles. Emiry finished off her style with accessories including a ruffled lace headdress, a blue glitter choker, a beaded heart pendant necklace, purple lace gloves, stacked beaded bracelets, a duck pinkie ring and a blue sequin bow ring. Her accessories are from Spiny Cream and 6%DokiDoki while some are handmade pieces from her own brand, Glem. Spiny Cream and 6%DokiDoki are her favorite brands and she enjoys the music of Block B, Momoiro Clover Z and Woodz. Follow Emiry on Twitter and Instagram.

Meanwhile, Ryoya is dressed in a Bankan tie-dyed kimono, which he styled with a houndstooth print necktie and a sheer black printed scarf used as a belt. He stepped into a pair of metallic bronze Chelsea boots from Saint Laurent, carried a clear yellow top handle bag from Junya Watanabe and accessorized with a white newsboy cap, a silver chain drop earring, an oversized tassel ear cuff, a silver wristwatch and an assortment of silver knuckle rings. Some of his accessories are resale pieces, some are antique/vintage while some are from Undercover. Japanese streetwear fashion brand, Comme des Garcons, is Ryoya’s favorite and he is also active on Instagram.

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