Japanese Lady Gaga Fan Fashion Pictures – Day 2

On Sunday night (April 18, 2010), Lady Gaga presided over the the second of her two sold-out shows at Yokohama Arena near Tokyo. We had so much fun hanging out with Gaga fans on Saturday (see our previous article, Lady Gaga’s Little Japanese Monsters) that we decided to head back out to Yokohama for Day Two. As we expected, a party atmosphere was in full effect hours before the concert doors even opened. We saw some familiar faces (many hardcore Lady Gaga fans went to both shows) and met a lot of cool fans that we hadn’t seen on the first day.

Of course we brought our cameras with us, and once again the Japanese Lady Gaga fans amazed and impressed us with their over-the-top fashion. Sure, we saw the large hair bows that Lady Gaga is known for (BTW, big hair bows have been quite popular in Shibuya for several years), but there were also a lot of handmade costumes, inspired-by fashions, totally original creations, and Japanese vs. Gaga style mashups (Lolita Gaga, Mori-Girl Gaga, Shibuya Gal Gaga, etc.) We couldn’t get pictures of every cool Lady Gaga fan we saw (that would require thousands of photos), but we tried to bring back a good collection for those of you that couldn’t make it to the show.

Before we get to the pics, we’d like to thank all of the Gaga fans who were nice enough to talk to us and to pose for our pictures on both days. A special shout-out to the amazingly awesome Japanese girl you see in the middle of the first two pictures below. She was totally cool and fun – so cool that we photographed her (and her huge Lady Gaga sign) on both days. Also, the girl in the last photo (at the bottom of the page) is obviously not Japanese. We saw her standing outside the arena trying to get a ticket for hours. We were too happy for her when she finally found a ticket for the sold-out show, so we took her picture with the ticket to celebrate. Enjoy the pictures!

As usual, we recommend the you click on the photos to see them at full size – the bigger the better!

Remember to click the pictures to see high resolution versions!

A big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful & beautiful Lady Gaga fans who we met at both of the Tokyo shows!

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  1. カッコイイ奴もあるけど、キモイのもある(笑)

  2. omg i love it! i wish americans would do this cuz they suck at it, i love the one with the cigarettes on her butterfly glasses, STUNNING! <3 plus: I LOVE LADY GAGA! holla! <3

  3. OMG!!!!!!!! :o
    how the hell would anybody do dat???
    i love lady gaga too but nobody here would do dat!!!!!
    GOD :L

  4. Christopher K

    Honestly, only the Japanese would do this, they are into the weird… cute or just plain disturbing….. like dont get me wrong ‘it’s great they are supporting Lady Gaga, but some of these costumes only should be worn by LG herself… Great job of the costumes though, really effective, but I WOULDN’T BE SEEN DEAD IN ANY OF THIS…. but i will admit i love the Telephone picture with the white as Asian and the Darker Asian, that was just pure class…..

    NO IM NOT HATING EITHER! im just saying only the Japanese would do something like this… u wouldnt find many other people doing this….

  5. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND SO CREATIVE!!! I have not seen any fans as good as these, BRILLIANT JOB! <3

  6. Tokyo Monsters are really wonderful. I appreciate their efforts! No wonder Gaga loves Tokyo :)

  7. pretty girls with pretty dress and make up.. love it

  8. lookin for fun stuff

    Never seen such thing!
    I think their “kick ass” :-D So, awsome.
    Some of them even look more like gaga.

  9. the Gods of evolution clearly love madame Gaga for she has waves upon waves of fans. personally im a little too macho to dawn Gaga gear and a little too old to be the man to fit in but i love her music as a creative type and will love seeing her in concert. a personal hello would be amazing. FOR MY GODS ARE FOR HER and the YOUNG PEOPEL WORLD TAHT WILL BE . lol have fun guys. may peace be with you.

  10. Ronald Thom

    Great pics But I sure hope that radiation meltdown doesn’t take away the creativity of these fans!

  11. walidosika

    waw i love this picture jaime tous ca tres belle et vive lady gaga