Japanese Mangaka / Artist in Pink Purple Harajuku Fashion w/ 2.5 Spinns, WC, Milk, Dior & Winged Sneakers

While taking a stroll along the Harajuku street one fine morning, we bumped into Bisuko Ezaki, a popular Japanese mangaka artist – best known as the creator of Menhera Chan – whose striking pink and purple street style definitely caught our attention.

Bisuko is dressed in a purple space print button down Uchuu Summer shirt from 2.5 Spinns and paired with pink-and-white plaid pants from WC. Bisuko slipped into customized white winged sneakers, carried a purple unicorn print tote bag from Milk, and accessorized with star lollipop earrings, white Dior sunglasses, a pink-and-purple pendant necklace, a cute beaded charm bracelet, and cute nail art to go along with the look.

Bisuko’s favorite fashion brands are WC and Chuu, and Bisuko likes listening to the songs of Tomoko Kawase’s debut solo album, Tommy Heavenly6. Check out Bisuko on Instagram and Twitter.

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