Japanese MC in JOYRICH, ANAP & Top Shop

Ko-Key, who’s 22 years old, is an MC. His multicolored hoodie is from Joyrich and his jeans are from Uniqlo. His accessories include a necklace with a large Lego key and another that says “Paty Rock” (one of which he said was from ANAP), sunglasses by 9Five, and a Top Shop ring. His black high top sneakers are from Radii. He’s also wearing a black knit beanie.

We asked Ko-Key about his favorite music and the answer was hip-hop and Sum41.

Joy Rich, ANAP, 9Five & Top Shop

Joy Rich hoodie & 9Five sunglasses

Knit beanie & 9Five sunglasses

ANAP necklace with large Lego key

Top Shop ring & jewelled watch

Radii high top sneakers

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