Japanese Mori Girls in Wonder Rocket Fashion

These two cute 19-year-old Japanese girls were photographed in Harajuku. They are both wearing the loose fitting, layered, and softly colored clothing most often associated with Japanese Mori Girls (forest girls) or Yuru-Nachu (relaxed natural style).

The girl on the right told us that her nickname is “Piglet”. She’s wearing a knit sweater over a top from the Japanese brand Wonder Rocket, a skirt (or maybe a dress under her top?) from Grapefruit Moon, a fuzzy brown backback, ugg-style boots, and numerous accessories (hair bow, necklaces, etc.) from the Harajuku shop Bunkaya Zakkaten. She told us that her favorite fashion brands are Wonder Rocket and Romantic Standard (the shopping bag she’s holding in the photo is from Romantic Standard) and that two of her favorite bands are Radwimps and Going Steady.

The girl on the left is wearing several layers of tops (crocheted shawl/scarf, knit sweater, leather jacket and tiered blouse) from Wonder Rocket, a skirt from Tip Top, a fur hat, leather flats, a leather fringe purse, leg warmers, and various accessories from Bunkaya Zakkaten (like her friend). She told us that her favorite fashion brands are Wonder Rocket, Sango and Archives and that her favorite bands include Shiina Ringo, Acid Black Cherry, and Ikimono-gakari.

Japanese Girls in Wonder Rocket Fashion

Cute Girl in Tiered Fashion in Harajuku

Fuzzy Backpack in Harajuku

Japanese Girl in Crocheted Scarf

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  1. The “Piglet” girl is sooo adorable. I love her rosy cheeks. =3

  2. Both girls are beautiful. But they look like grandmas in those wardrobe.

  3. tokyosista

    I love this mori girl style so much. They both put together their outfits very well.

  4. I used to look like that in age of 5 when I was wearing my mum’s night gown and Wellingtons together with grandma’s accessories….playing “poor girl”
    it doesn’t look good but funny and a bit shabby