Japanese Overalls Girl vs. Bow Tie Guy

Tokyo street fashion photo taken in Shibuya in the summer of 2009.

This cute and fashionable pair were walking on Meiji Dori near where it meets Cat Street when they caught our eye. The smiley Japanese girl is wearing striped overalls over a blue t-shirt and multi-colored Converse high tops. Her white handbag is covered in a print featuring blue hearts, large squirrels, and the word “Marble” (three great tastes that taste great together). The cool guy with her is wearing glasses, a green v-neck over a button-up shirt with a bow tie (a yellow bow tie!), dark cuffed pants and reddish orange sneakers. He also has an earring, he’s wearing a white backpack, and carrying a shopping bag from the Harajuku glasses shop Glass-1/one.

Overalls Girl + Bowtie Boy

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  1. Wow I love it not to many people can pull off overalls but she did I just wish there were more pictures

  2. I’m digging what the guy is wearing.. that green sweater vest with the bow tie? what what?!?! i want it.