Japanese Remake Streetwear w/ Floral Shirt, Burberry Gingham Sleeves, Rick Owens & Vaquera

We met Hikaru and Seppuku, two teenage students who we often feature together on our Harajuku street snaps.

At the left is 16-year-old Hikaru, who is sporting slicked-back green-tipped hair. His ensemble consists of a vintage floral print button down shirt, which he paired with black pants and black platform leather boots. His accessories – from Vaquera – include black earrings, an ear cuff and lip ring chain, a silver chain Y-necklace, and multiple silver rings and silver chains. Hikaru’s favorite brand is John Lawrence Sullivan, and he likes the music of Killa. Follow Hikaru on Instagram.

Meanwhile, sporting two-tone red-and-purple hair is Seppuku, who is dressed in a black sleeveless shirt, tucked into brown drawstring cuffed pants from Rick Owens. Remake Burberry ruffled gingham arm warmers (or sleeves), and a pair of silver pointy-toe chelsea boots completed his outfit. The 15-year-old student accessorized his style with multiple earrings and a voodoo doll keychain necklace. Seppuku lists Rick Owens as his fashion favorite, and he is active on Instagram.

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