Japanese Resale Robes, Flip Flops & Tabi Socks

Yumiko is a 20-year old student who has created an eclectic look with items from resale shops and Bunkaya Zakkaten (her favorite place to shop). She’s wearing a black jacket from Chicago with a blue shawl and two robes from resale shops. Her unique bag with a cat image and red satin trim is from Bunkaya Zakkaten.

Yumiko’s accessories, also from Bunkaya Zakkaten, include a gold necklace with a shoe pendant, two strands of pearls, a colorful fabric flower on her sash, and wristbands made from crochet flowers. Her footwear consists of flip flops and Japanese tabi socks.

You can follow Yumiko on Twitter.

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  1. For the 1 sttime I don’t like it …her face is so beautiful but she looks like an old bag lady in this outfit I’m sorry for me it doesn’t work

  2. I agree totally I said the same thing the shall robe, cat bag, the glasses doesn’t do it for me packaged together.. I think she should take some length off her bob styled hair too it would help?.. I could say more.. Leave it at that

  3. I like that cat bag!!!! The blue poncho isn’t working for me? She’s so cute the glasses as well. Take that off and I think? But her style is her style.

  4. That look is totally crazy, and that’s what makes it so great!!
    And that cat bag… LOL

    Love all of it :D